SOLO Studio Visit: Winnie Truong

Winnie Truong
Puff Ball, 2018
Coloured pencils, chalk pastel, cut paper collage
53.5" x 50"

Winnie Truong

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Winnie Truong (Calgary)

Describe your studio/place of work. What is important to you about your workspace?

My studio is where I produce, research, observe, meditate, fail and succeed. It expands and contracts depending on where my practice takes me; whether it is working in a new environment while on an artist residency or in a darkened animation studio offsite. The studio adapts the to work and the work responds to the setting.


How would you describe your practice?

I work with coloured pencils, paper-cut collage and animation with a focus on fusing elements of nature with the female form to create new living objects, environments, and psychological entities. 


How has your practice evolved over time?

While I continue working at a large scale creating portraits and figures with coloured pencils and chalk pastels; the incorporation of cut paper and collage has an evolved to involve more play, dimensionality and a potential for story telling. The many small elements that come together in my work are infinitely movable, so in addition to the act of drawing the studio has also become a space to compose and recompose, with animation adding another layer to the many possible outcomes.