Sunday, November 1

Browse events below, and pre-register where available. For all other events, access will be via the Art Toronto virtual platform. To be notified when the fair virtual platform goes live on October 31, please click here

10:00AM EST

GALLERY TOUR: Stephen Bulger Gallery Tour of the Art Toronto Pop-Up
Presented by Stephen Bulgar Gallery (Virtual)

Join Stephen Bulger as he takes viewers on a behind the scenes gallery tour and presents the work on display in our Art Toronto Pop-Up, bringing together galleries from Vancouver, Calgary, London, and Montreal from October 28th to November 7th. In addition to selections from gallery artists, we will also show you some of the work on display from our invited guests in Toronto's first mini-art fair.

11:30AM EST

ARTIST TALK: Artist Feature: Robert Strickland
Presented by Roberts Gallery (Virtual)

Robert will be discussing some of his most recent works. Explaining process, inspiration, and portrait work.

12:00PM EST

GALLERY TOUR: Bau-Xi Photo | Art TO Photography
Presented by Bau-Xi Gallery (In Person)

Join us at Bau-Xi Photo to view and ask questions regarding our curated selection of artists featured in Art Toronto. Ranging from landscape to abstract in nature, this selection will be sure to amaze and engage the viewer.

Address: 350 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G5

1:00PM EST

EXHIBITION TOUR: Sarah Stanners on Jack Bush's "London #8" Painting
Presented By Michael Gibson Gallery (Virtual)

Join Director of the Jack Bush Catalogue Raisonne Sarah Stanners and dealer Michael Gibson as they discuss the monumental Jack Bush 1973 painting "London #8". Dr. Stanners will provide a background on the "London" series and explain how 1973 was the beginning of a pivotal shift in Bush's international career.

RSVP: [email protected]

2:00PM EST

ARTIST TALK: Artist Andrew Lui
Presented by Han Art (Virtual)

Introduction to Andrew Lui's paintings featured at our Art Toronto 'booth' in the gallery. Followed by a chance to speak to the artist via Google Meet.

2:00PM EST

ARTIST TALK: Q & A with Bau-Xi Gallery Artists
Presented by Bau-Xi Gallery (Virtual)

Please join us for our "Artist Series" panel where we interview and ask questions to
three Bau-Xi Gallery artists: Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Robert Marchessault and
Janna Watson. This prerecorded event will provide deep insights into artists themselves, their practices and how they view not only their art, but the art world in general.

2:30PM EST

EXHIBITION TOUR: Sunday Features for Art Toronto
Presented by Han Art (In Person)

Open house with Sunday features accompanied by informal tours on request.

Address: 4209 Saint-Catherine St, Westmount, QC H3Z 1P6

4:00PM EST

ARTIST TALK: Precious Hopes: Virgil Baruchel, Hana Elmasry, Neil Maguire, Jeff Chiu
Presented by Corkin Gallery (Virtual)

Corkin Gallery's Emerging Artists Program presents Precious Hopes, an online exhibition featuring Virgil Baruchel, Christian Butterfield, Jeff Chiu, Hana Elmasry, Neil Maguire, Miles Gertler, Brendon McNaughton and Rafael Yaluff. With their roots in the effervescent Toronto arts scene, these artists work with mixed media to explore the boundaries of painting, installation, drawing and photography.

Join us for an informal talk about the challenges of being a young artist in the city and integrating daily life with an artistic practice.