Tuesday, November 3

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1:00PM EST

ARTIST TALK: Gavin Lynch
Presented by Angell Gallery (Virtual)

PPlease join artist Gavin Lynch for a tour and talk about his recent exhibition, Mixed Greens, at Angell Gallery. Lynch resists pictorial and painterly continuity in favour of unexpected and often conflicting combinations of elements, some derived from life, others from the artist's imagination. Sharply delineated forms are juxtaposed with fluid areas, while highly stylized rocks and trees are painted in naturalistic colours. Wavering between material flatness and pictorial depth, luminosity and darkness, and abstraction and representation, these paintings exude an energizing tension that invites extended looking. 

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1:00PM EST

STUDIO VISIT: Virtual Performance by Laakkuluk Williamson
Bathory – Sila Taarsilerpoq (The Air is Getting Darker)
Presented by Feheley Fine Arts (Virtual)

Performance art is recognized and celebrated as an important part of Inuit artistic expression. Feheley Fine Arts is pleased to present a virtual performance by artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, via Zoom from her home in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Through a mix of uaajeerneq (Greenlandic mask dance), spoken word, and visual storytelling, Williamson Bathory will reflect on the current moment and the transition of seasons.

6:00PM EST

Presented by 3.19.27(2) (Virtual)

Persian Sucker is an exciting exhibition meant to provoke viewers; to have them question their sensibilities in today’s cultural climate. This exhibition will certainly be the start of a dialogue between the artists, through their work, and their communities here in Canada. The result will be a highly impactful demonstration of Canadian values, that encourages these communities to uphold the freedoms of these artists, and to speak up for their rights.

6:00PM EST

ARTIST TALK: Remediation by Luke Parnell
Presented by MKG127 (Virtual)

In 1959, famous Haida artist Bill Reid created a documentary about an expedition to "salvage" historic totem poles from a deserted village on Haida Gwaii. In response to this film, Haida and Nisga'a artist Luke Parnell explores the implications of the removal of these cultural objects through a journey with one of his own totems.

This artwork is a diptych consisting of the video work described above, as well as a sculpture featured in the video. Parnell's totem is cut in half. The top half is seen travelling with the artist in the video and burned in an open fire. The bottom half of the totem has been painted and accompanies the film as a diptych while also carrying the ashes of its former top half.

7:00PM EST

Presented by Paul Petro Contemporary Art (Virtual)

#turtle_kin_in_kind is a feral performance of witchcraft invested in the familiar good health and reciprocal commonwealth of turtles and mxnxkind.

#turtle_kin_in_kind embodies the predictive power of science and the kinship eros of creation, promoting self and social knowledge as the moonshine of new ways of being in the world.

Witchcraft is an epistemology. Knowledge is magic. 

7:30PM EST

GALLERY TOUR: Tour of Sandra Ainsley Gallery's Art Toronto 2020 Booth
Presented by Sandra Ainsley Gallery (Virtual)

Join Sandra Ainsley and gallery artists for a virtual tour of our 2020 Art Toronto booth. Hear directly from the artists about what inspires their work. Artists include; Wilfried Grootens, Tobias Mohl, Preston Singletary, Vivian Wang, Tim Tate, Susan Edgerley, and Laura Donefer.