Thursday, November 5

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11:00AM EST

ARTIST TALK: Q & A with Bau-Xi Gallery Artists
Presented by Bau-Xi Gallery (Virtual)

Please join us for our "Artist Series" panel where we interview and ask questions to
three Bau-Xi Gallery artists: Darlene Cole, Steven Nederveen and Vicki Smith. This prerecorded event will provide deep insights into artists themselves, their practices and how they view not only their art, but the art world in general.

4:00PM EST

EXHIBITION OPENING: First Look at Early Days: Indigenous Art at the McMichael and New Acquisitions
Presented by McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Virtual)

McMichael Chief Curator Sarah Millroy will offer an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming exhibition Early Days: Indigenous Art at the McMichael (opening Nov 21) with a focus on recent Indigenous and Inuit acquisitions to the collection. 

6:00PM EST

POWER TALK: Nathan Eugene Carson in conversation with Laura Demers 
Presented by The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (Virtual)

Since 2006, The Power Plant has partnered with Art Toronto to present thought-provoking talks by scholars, artists, curators, and art world figures. This year, in the context of Art Toronto’s 20th edition, for the first time presented virtually, The Power Plant is thrilled to present three online studio visits with established and up-and-coming Canadian artists.

Fall 2020 exhibiting artist Nathan Eugene Carson will be joined by Laura Demers, exhibition curator and current TD Curator of Education & Outreach Fellow at The Power Plant. The two will discuss Carson's artistic process and elaborate on the themes of new works produced for the exhibition, Cut from the same cloth.


7:00PM EST

PLATFORM TALK: Economy and Belief: A conversation between Whitney French, Liz
Ikiriko, Camille Turner and Candice Hopkins
Presented by the Toronto Biennial of Art (Virtual)

As a curatorial collective leading the 2021 edition of the Toronto Biennial of Art, we are presently generating a lexicon – a shared vocabulary – which will guide our ongoing processes of exhibition-making, programming and learning. “Economy” and “Belief” are two terms within this lexicon and ones being reframed in the present moment, particularly by Black artists, activists and scholars. This moment of historical reckoning is in turn critically repositioning the historical foundations and structures of art organizations and art histories in Canada, and their roots in White supremacy. How are systems of economy and belief being rethought at this moment, during the call for the redistribution of wealth away from the structures of oppression.

A conversation between members of invited contributors and the curatorial team will allow a closer reading of these terms in relation to the context of biennial-making, as well as the social and political and social shifts taking place at this time, particularly as it concerns Black futures.   

7:00PM EST

EXHIBITION TOUR: Virtual Exhibition Tour with Stephen Andrews and Daniel Gruetter
Presented by Paul Petro Contemporary Art (Virtual)

Stephen Andrews hosts a virtual tour of his exhibition "Firmament", October 16 - November 14, at Paul Petro Contemporary Art. The exhibition is comprised of six night sky paintings and a suite of ceramic "Moon Jars". According to Andrews, "the paintings can be read as both abstractions and as charts, with different registers of time at play. 

8:00PM EST

EXHIBITION TOUR: Architecture of Music at United Contemporary 
Presented by United Contemporary (Virtual and In Person)

Join us for Music + Art, an online performance by composer Aaron Comeau in response to gallery artist Stefan Berg's solo exhibition Counterpoint, currently on view at United Contemporary. Comeau will play improvisations directly responding to Berg's work in the gallery. Berg's exhibition includes "Architecture of Music," a print portfolio
and project that explores the resonances between Glenn Gould's art practice and
his own. Music + Art launches Comeau’s new album Preconstruction. 

 Aaron Comeau is an organist, guitarist, producer, and the former head of The Trailer recording studios from 2013-19.  

Stefan Berg received a BFA from OCAD University in 2008, along with the Solomon Painting Award and Eric Freifeld Drawing Award. His work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States and Europe, and featured in the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and the Telegram Journal.

Both Architecture of Music and Counterpoint were made possible by the support of The Canadian Council For The Arts and The Ontario Arts Council.

Address: 1444 Dupont Street, Unit 22, Toronto, ON M6P 4H3