Eros' Kiss by Jenn E Norton

Art Toronto is the first North American art fair to commission an Augmented Reality artwork. Represented by ELLEPHANT (Montréal), artist Jenn E Norton was commissioned to create the social filter using time-based media that is immersive and experiential, reframing familiar objects, landscapes, and activities as dreamlike occurrences. Norton’s work explores the blurring boundaries of virtual and physical realms, akin to the format the fair is taking this year.

Try the augmented reality filter yourself on Art Toronto's Instagram and Facebook channels until November 15, 2020.

“I was elated to hear from Art Toronto as they were seeking to expand their digital presence for the 2020 fair. When developing the piece, I was inspired by the beauty and delicateness of the rose. As roses encompass both male and female organs in each flower, they are capable of self-pollinating, producing seeds that germinate into what many gardeners deem as underwhelming rose plants with smaller, less exuberant blossoms. To prevent this, gardeners will often remove the rose's anthers when the rose is a bud. It was important to shield this rose from the outside world. The rose of ‘Eros' Kiss’ is seen in an anthropomorphic embrace with its mirror self, shielded from the outside world to kiss deeply in unobstructed self-pollination.”

- Jenn E Norton