Jeremy Holmes
Location P4

Presented by the artist and GALERIE ISABELLE LESMEISTER (Booth B10)

 Jeremy Holmes explores the contrasts between the abstract shapes of bent wood and the geometric rooms we build and live in. He uses space in original and unexpected ways, filling voids in interiors that would otherwise go unnoticed and allowing the viewer to experience the work from within. His work pushes interactions between the viewer and site in order to evoke a renewed interest in a traditional material.

‘My work uses wood in an unconventional way to expand perceptions of the form and function of this practical material. I use traditional woodworking techniques to join thin boards, then use the natural bend of the solid hardwood into continuous, abstract shapes and lines. 

The process of torqueing a raw, solid material like wood is random and uncertain. Even as I am bending the wood, I must curiously await the outcome until it is revealed. That uncertainty, randomness and curiosity is suspended in the completed piece, connecting the viewer to the work. Action, spontaneity, and improvisation are combined with material and methodology in search of beautiful objects.’
— Jeremy Holmes

His sculptures make us think about the work of Richard Serra, whose use of natural elements in unconventional ways makes viewers stop and become conscious not only of Serra’s giant work, but of how it controls and determines space, causing viewer to become aware of themselves and each other. The installation of a natural material in a more or less clean architectural surrounding, reminds us also the staircase of Frank Gehry at the AGO.

This installation is based on the parameters that the fair has offered. It is confined to the rules of the booth and pushes out the maximum volume that is allowed. Using the trusses and the walls to support the installation, a site-specific temporary installation is created. 

Jeremy Holmes is a sculptor who graduated from the University of New York at New Paltz and currently lives and works in Ithaca, NY.