Julie Moon
Acid Garden, 2018

Location P2

Presented by Birch Contemporary (Booth C31)

Acid Garden, a collection of stylized botanical sculptures. Each piece is made from clay, hand-built and painted using various ceramic materials and glazes. The forms themselves are distortions of real flowers and plants and their highly decorative surface, intentionally discordant with or echoing their form.

‘I tend to build work intuitively. Once forms are constructed, I try to understand what they are or what they could be. The pieces included in this exhibition are loosely inspired by plants, flowers and growth patterns. I am interested in movement and animation, not just through form but also surface. High-contrasting colours with hard boundaries causes the eye to jump around the form; the viewing experience doesn’t inspire feelings of calm and relaxation often associated with a stroll through an actual garden, the view is instead anxious and energetic.’
— Julie Moon

Julie Moon is a Toronto based ceramic artist. Julie graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2005, and in 2010 she successfully completed her Masters in Fine Art at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Prior to attending OCAD, she studied fashion technology and spent over a decade working in the garment industry. Julie's love of graphics, pattern and fashion have continuously inspired her creative endeavors. Julie's intricate hand-work is undeniably precious and feminine, always focused on beauty and the decorative arts. Her work is a testament to her love of making and commitment to her craft. Julie's work has been showcased at numerous organizations and events such as Toronto Fashion Week, Art Toronto, the Society of Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh and the American Society of Ceramics. She has appeared in numerous publications such as Elle Magazine (US Edition,) Art Travel: Architecture/Design/Decoration Paris, Montreal Home and American Craft.