Public Artworks

Kristiina Lahde
From a Straight Line to a Curve, 2015

Location L5

Presented by MKG127 (booth C26)

Kristiina Lahde’s conceptual practice is process-based and reflects upon concepts of measurement, form and geometry. With meticulous care, she makes use of geometric systems and patterns to alter and re-format ordinary (and often obsolete) objects and found materials. With From a Straight Line to a Curve, Lahde brings together vintage yardsticks, connecting them at precise angles to create a large geodesic sphere. This geometric form, made famous by Buckminster Fuller’s pursuit of utopian architecture, is imbued with warmth, as the yardsticks clearly show the patina of age and use. Collected by the artist from flea markets and antique shops, these promotional items from days-gone-by are revived in this new formation. Geared toward the do-it-yourselfers, the yardsticks were branded by familiar enterprises, such as lumberyards, hardware stores and paint shops. The yardsticks, newly positioned in this spherical form, bring to mind the ever-so human inclination to measure and make, to define and to make sense of the world.