Public Artworks

Mathieu Valade
Une heure chromatique / A Chromatic Hour, 2019

Location L1

Presented by Galerie 3 (Booth C7)

A Chromatic Hour is a sculpture consisting of twelve 43-inch TV monitors mounted on a circular plywood structure. Each one plays a subtle crossfade plan of colour swatches. For five minutes, each monitor displays a colour of Johannes Itten’s chromatic circle. At the end of this cycle, the colour goes to the next TV and so on until it goes back to its initial position an hour later. Due to its slowness, the colorimetric rotation is barely discernable. Since the colours are always in ‘transition,’ we are almost always in presence of intermediate colours.

‘Just as we associate the concepts of time and distance or volume and mass, the idea of linking the interplay of colour to that of time seemed obvious to me, especially since Itten’s chromatic circle is composed of twelve colours, like the twelve hours on a clock dial. Sculpture imposes itself as a calculator of shades varying over time, the full experience we can make of it lasting exactly one hour.’

— Mathieu Valade