Samuel Arsenault-Brassard
Oasis, 2019

Location P6

Presented by ELLEPHANT (Booth C5)

Samuel Arsenault-Brassard explores architectural language through digital space. Oasis is a hand-crafted VR sculpture that references lush vegetation and flowing water. In our physical environs, we experience walls as continuous and anchored to the ground, providing a source of privacy and security. Floors are level to facilitate movement and stability.

In the virtual world, walls can be fragmented and float in the air. We can walk on fine, flowing strands of digital art without breaking them and even move into and through an artwork, creating a novel psycho-physical experience.

Renowned for his abilities to create high-quality light and shadow in digital sculptures and environments, Samuel Arsenault-Brassard’s art focuses on VR, AR and metaverse art and architecture.

Oasis was previously presented in the virtual space of the Museum of Other Realities.