2018 Projects

Brittany Shepherd

Booth P6

Presented by Art Metropole

Brittany Shepherd is an interdisciplinary artist who uses video, photo, sculpture and installation to explore notions of private and public space, class and perception. She has exhibited at 8-11, Roberta Pelan, NADA Art Fair with Cooper Cole, Motel, Division Gallery and Bunker 2 with a featured solo exhibition for Scotiabank Contact Festival. As an extension of her art practice, she is the founder and director of the experimental art platform The Table in Toronto.

The Table is a platform which invites artists, writers and curators to create private one-night happenings with the aim of fostering and intimate environment for engagement and participation amongst the guests. The documentation of the installations, readings, performances and dinners that take place at The Table is considered in advance of the evening and is disseminated online on social media and the website often including images and videos taken by the guests.

The Table will be physically transported to the Art Metropole booth at Art Toronto where it will remain for the duration of the fair. Basic Needs, a series of multiples by Sofia Mesa published by Art Metropole will be launched in conjuction with this this event. Two performances will take place in which a curated group of sixteen artists, writers and poets will be invited to read around The Table in groups of eight on two separate occasions. In order to maintain the intimate environment fostered by The Table, the booth will be curtained off. Please note that this event is invitation only. The readings will be streamed live on the Instagram accounts of Art Metropole and The Table for the general public to see. 


Performance Timing:
Friday, October 26, 4:00-6:00PM
Sunday, October 28, 4:00-6:00PM