2018 Projects

Anne Low, a sunken ash pit, 2017

Derya Akay, Green Grocer, installation view, Unit 17 (10 June - 12 August 2018)

Butter and Breads
Derya Akay & Anne Low

Booth P3

Presented by Unit 17

For Art Toronto 2018, Unit 17 will bring together work by Vancouver artists and collaborators Derya Akay (b. 1988, Istanbul, Turkey) and Anne Low (b. 1981, Stratford, Ontario). As two significant artists from the gallery’s roster, they highlight the gallery’s commitment towards contemporary sculpture and installation. Both artists will present never before seen work made for Art Toronto. 

Akay and Low are driven by a curiosity of how things are made. They explore the means of production of non-art objects, and how these processes or presentations find confluence within their art making. Ways of building, learning and researching become translated into gesture, composition and form. In this way, these non-art objects become the works themselves, engaging with questions of self-sufficiency, self-reliance and process. 

A number of sculptural windows and other insets within a larger wall from Akay’s recent solo exhibition at Unit 17 will frame the stand. Several sculptural shelves - holding glassware, organic materials, 3-D printed objects and ceramics made or collected by the artist - will also be presented.

Four works by Low reference particular domestic and industrial objects throughout history: a cast iron stove, a handwoven linen napkin, a hanging work shirt and a Georgian Pembroke-inspired table. These sculptures continue Low’s interest in shifting the functionality of domestic objects through specific craft techniques. As in previous works, these sculptures hover in a place between recognizable and invented forms.

Akay and Low have long engaged in collaboration through the dinner project Elaine, which has been presented at Haunt (Vancouver, 2016), the Vancouver Art Gallery (2017) and AKA artist run (Saskatchewan, 2017).