2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

At Art Toronto we understand that corporate sponsorship is an important component of supporting the arts and culture sector both within Canada and across the globe. We value our relationships with our sponsors and through close collaboration we strive to promote our brands in tandem as high-quality experiences that support the arts and enrich lives.

Our approach to our corporate sponsorship relationships is to organically market the brands leading up to the event through our print and web marketing campaigns, as well as onsite both within the show and as part of our top-tier VIP program and off-site events. Our aim is to provide an experience that follows attendees throughout the year and demonstrates both Art Toronto’s and its corporate sponsors’ commitment to the arts beyond the fair.

Art Toronto offers a broad range of corporate sponsorship opportunities including custom sponsorship packages which tie your brand to an event that attracts art lovers worldwide.

For information please contact:


Director, Art Toronto

Susannah Rosenstock

Tel: 416 960 5396


Strategic Sponsorships

Catia Varricchio

Tel: 416 960 4511

Art Toronto
10 Alcorn Avenue, Suite 100
Toronto, ON M4V 3A9