2017 Participating Galleries

Main Section Galleries

Angell Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Art Mûr (Montreal, Canada)
Back Gallery Project (Vancouver, Canada)
Barbara Edwards Contemporary (Toronto, Canada)
Bau-Xi Gallery (Toronto and Vancouver, Canada)
Birch Contemporary (Toronto, Canada)
Galerie Simon Blais (Montreal, Canada)
Catriona Jeffries (Vancouver, Canada)
Caviar 20 (Toronto, Canada) & Todd Merrill Studio (New York, USA)
Christina Parker Gallery (St. John's, Canada)
Christopher Cutts Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Clint Roenisch Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Cristin Tierney Gallery (New York, USA)
Daniel Faria Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
dc3 Art Projects (Edmonton, Canada)
Downs & Ross (New York, USA)
ELLEPHANT (Montreal, Canada)
Erin Stump Projects (Toronto, Canada)
Equinox Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Feheley Fine Arts (Toronto, Canada)
Franc Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Gachi Prieto (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Galerie 3 (Quebec City, Canada)
Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran (Montreal, Canada)
Galerie Claude Lafitte (Montreal, Canada)
Galerie de Bellefeuille Inc. (Montreal, Canada)
Galerie D'Este (Montreal, Canada)
Galerie Division (Toronto and Montreal, Canada)
Galerie Hugues Charbonneau (Montreal, Canada)
Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister (Regensburg, Germany)
Galerie Jean-Claude Bergeron (Ottawa, Canada)
Josee Bienvenu Gallery (New York, USA)
Galerie Nicolas Robert (Montreal, Canada)
Galerie Raphael (Frankfurt, Germany)
Galerie René Blouin (Montreal, Canada)
Galerie Roger Bellemare et Christian Lambert (Montreal, Canada)
Galerie Trois Points (Montreal, Canada)
Gallery Jones (Vancouver, Canada)
General Hardware Contemporary (Toronto, Canada)
Georgia Scherman Projects, Inc. (Toronto, Canada)

Ginsberg Galeria (Lima, Peru)
Han Art (Westmount, Canada)
Herringer Kiss Gallery (Calgary, Canada)
Hollis Taggart Galleries (New York, USA)
Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
Jill George Gallery (London, UK)
Kostuik Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Marión Gallery (Panama City, Panama)
Mayberry Fine Art (Toronto and Winnipeg, Canada)
Michael Gibson Gallery (London, Canada)
Mira Godard Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Miriam Shiell Fine Art (Toronto, Canada)
MKG127 (Toronto, Canada)
Monte Clark Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Nicholas Metivier Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Nikola Rukaj Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Odon Wagner Contemporary (Toronto, Canada)
Oeno Gallery (Bloomfield, Canada)
Olga Korper Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Other Criteria (New York, USA and London, UK)
Parisian Laundry (Montreal, Canada)
parts gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Paul Petro Contemporary Art (Toronto, Canada)
Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain (Montreal, Canada)
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery (New York, USA and London, UK)
renann isaacs contemporary art (Guelph, Canada)
Republic Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Roberts Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
RoFa Projects (Potomac, USA)
Rumi Galleries (Oakville, Canada)
Sandra Ainsley Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Studio 21 Fine Art (Halifax, Canada)
Susan Eley Fine Art (New York, USA)
Susan Hobbs Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
TrépanierBaer Gallery (Calgary, Canada)
Winsor Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Zemack Contemporary Art (Tel Aviv, Israel)


VERGE Galleries

CYDONIA (Fort Worth, USA)
Dillon + Lee (New York, USA)
L'INCONNUE (Montreal, Canada)
La Castiglione Gallery (Montreal, Canada)

Lisa Kehler Art + Projects (Winnipeg, Canada)
Quimera (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Wil Aballe Art Projects (Vancouver, Canada)
Zalucky Contemporary (Toronto, Canada)


SOLO Galleries

Birch Contemporary (Toronto, Canada) - Jaan Poldaas
Corkin (Toronto, Canada) - Miles Gertler
Fazakas Gallery (Vancouver, Canada) - Rande & Carollyne (Rande Cook and Carollyne Yardley)
Galerie Youn (Montreal, Canada) - Jay Dart
Jarvis Hall Gallery (Calgary, Canada) - Robin Arseneault
Macaulay & Co. Fine Art (Vancouver, Canada) - Jeneen Frei Njootli

Mindy Solomon Gallery (Miami, USA) - Jennifer Lefort
MULHERIN (Toronto, Canada and New York, USA) - Kris Knight
Parisian Laundry (Montreal, Canada) - Celia Perrin Sidarous
Paul Petro Contemporary Art (Toronto, Canada) - Jane Buyers
Stephen Bulger Gallery (Toronto, Canada) - Joseph Hartman
TrépanierBaer Gallery (Calgary, Canada) - Ambera Wellmann


FOCUS: Los Angeles Galleries

Club Pro Los Angeles
Anat Ebgi
Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
ltd los angeles
Moskowitz Bayse
Night Gallery
Royale Projects: Contemporary Art


Sponsors and Cultural Partners

Art Dealers Association of Canada (Toronto, Canada)
Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Canada)
AXA ART (Toronto, Canada)
The Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Fredericton, Canada)
Canadian Art (Toronto, Canada)
Canada Council Art Bank (Ottawa, Canada)

Inuit Art Foundation (Toronto, Canada)
Mindham Fine Jewellery (Toronto, Canada)
McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Kleinburg, Canada)
Mercer Union (Toronto, Canada)
OCAD University (Toronto, Canada)
RBC Canadian Painting Competition (Toronto, Canada)
Toronto Biennial of Art (Toronto, Canada)


Publication Partners

Akimbo (Toronto, Canada)
Border Crossings (Winnipeg, Canada)
C Magazine (Toronto, Canada)
CONTACT Photography Festival (Toronto, Canada)

Espace art actuel (Montréal, Canada)
Esse arts + opinions (Montréal, Canada)
Vellum Art Zine (Brooklyn, USA)