About Edition Toronto

Edition Toronto, is dedicated to the promotion of art book publishing, in all forms, while building an appreciation for artworks produced in editions of more than one.

Edition Toronto is also pleased to be collaborating with Art Metropole, an organization that has been dedicated to the promotion, distribution and conservation of artist’s books and multiples since 1974, in the development of the fair’s programming. Throughout the weekend, workshops and panel discussions by local, national and international artists, curators, collectors, critics, performers and other visionaries will educate, enlighten and engage visitors to the fair.

Book Fair Advisors
Charles Stankievech
Dave Dyment
Paul Butler
Danielle St. Amour


Rutherford Chang: We Buy White Albums
Edition Toronto is excited to be bringing artist Rutherford Chang’s project “We Buy White Albums” to Toronto. For the last 10 years, New York-based Chang has been acquiring first-pressing copies of the Beatles’ iconic 1968 self-titled double album. Conceived by the British Pop artist Richard Hamilton, the record is commonly referred to as the “White Album” because of it’s all-white, minimalist gatefold cover. First pressings of the album have individually numbered stamped covers, making them, in effect, an artist’s multiple produced in a very large edition. Chang became fascinated with how the records’ previous owners used the covers as blank canvases, customizing them with everything from doodles to stickers, and even a few love letters. Visitors to “We Buy White Albums” will find an installation resembling a record store, with all of Chang’s over 1,500 copies of the White Album arranged in record bins by the number on the cover. Visitors are invited to flip through the bins to see how the records each acquired their own unique visual histories in the 48 years since the album’s release.

“We Buy White Albums” has been displayed at Recess (New York); the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art; the Atlanta Contemporary Art Centre and, of course, the FACT Art Centre in the Beatles’ hometown of Liverpool. Chang will also staff the “store” throughout the weekend, and will welcome donations of numbered White Albums, in any condition, to the project.

Book Club

Since 2008, ten of Toronto’s most dedicated collectors and aficionados of artist’s books, editions and ephemera have been meeting as “Book Club”. At these meetings, the curators, collectors and artists who make up the group share their latest acquisitions with each other in what they describe as “show and tell for book-loving grown-ups.” Members of the group have agreed to do a public “show and tell” of rare and interesting items from their collections. Book Club’s presentation will be a unique opportunity to see and learn about rare artist’s books and editions that usually remain securely under glass when exhibited in galleries and museums.

The members of Book Club include: Micah Lexier, Sarah Robayo Sheridan, Derek Sullivan, Bill Clarke, Dave Dyment, Roula Partheniou, Paul Van Kooy, Wendy Gomoll, Derek McCormack and Michael Klein. Members of Book Club have presented items from their collections in talks at The Power Plant and the London Art Book Fair (Whitechapel Gallery, U.K.)

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